AIR-serv leads the world and Canada in the field of Tire Inflation Services with over 80,000 pieces of equipment in operation.  AIR-serv programs provide the retail petroleum industry with State of the Art Equipment and Comprehensive Service Programs that maintain the equipment in top operating condition at all times.



    You enjoy the benefits of State of the Art and reliable Air Pump Service without the headaches.  We design, manufacture, install and maintain the equipment.  All you need to do is notify AIR-serv of your interest. 

    All equipment meets your standards.  Equipment will enhance your store appearance and be maintained to those very high appearance standards at all times.

    Studies show that customers appreciate the convenience, 24-hour access and easy operation of AIR-serv equipment.  With the availability of offering air and vaccuum service, you'll guarantee an improved customer service image.

    No other company offers such a broad range of equipment configurations.  Each unit is engineered for durability and long life, even under the heaviest use.  AIR-serv equipment is considered an industry standard, with 80,000 locations in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

    Take advantage of our programs by calling AIR-serv, and we'll take care of the rest.  We're anxious to serve you and your customers.



If your organization is keen on reducing and even eliminating Air Pump equipment and maintenance costs, the Air For Charity Program is designed just for this.  Utilizing a coin-operated system of delivery your costs are reduced to nil, while at the same time generating goodwill through ongoing donations to the Recipient Charity.

If your organization is less interested in reducing or eliminating Air Pump equipment and maintenance costs and feels it is worth paying for Air Pump equipment and Service, you should look at our Total Service Program (TSP).

The AIR-serv TSP will provide your sites with State of the Art complimentary use Air Equipment and the comprehensive service program needed to maintain that equipment at top operating and appearance standards at all times.  You pay one low monthly fee based on the specifications of the  equipment you have chosen.

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