AIR-serv leads the world and Canada in the field of Tire Inflation Services with over 80,000 pieces of equipment in operation.  AIR-serv programs provide the retail petroleum industry with State of the Art Equipment and Comprehensive Service Programs that maintain the equipment in top operating condition at all times.


AIR-serv offers a complete line of air and vacuum services to meet your needs. The following is a list of the products manufactured and distributed by AIR-serv.
  • Coin-operated tire inflator 
  • Coin-operated air/water dispenser 
  • Vacuum (Self-serv auto vac) 
  • DUO-serv air/vac combined service 
  • AIR-touch coin/code air inflator 
  • Complimentary use tire inflator (Push button tire inflator) 
  • AIR-touch coin/code air/water dispenser 
  • AIR-serv with internal hose retractor 
  • AIR-serv heavy duty truck tire inflator 


There is a diverse line of Models available for virtually all applications.

Options include:

  • Compressor type
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Retractor Systems
  • Graphics / Logos and colours 

AIR-serv will help you chose the specifications which best suit the needs and budget of your organization.  AIR-serv will then help in the design of custom graphics to your specifications.

This ensures that all AIR pumps will be branded and coloured to meet your image specifications.

Once in place the AIR-serv Total Service Program commences to ensure that your AIR pumps are maintained to your very high image standards.



AS5 with Retractor Stand

AS5 with Pedestal Stand 

AS8 Air Only 

DS5 Air/Vacuum with Side Retractor


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