AIR-serv leads the world and Canada in the field of Tire Inflation Services with over 80,000 pieces of equipment in operation.  AIR-serv programs provide the retail petroleum industry with State of the Art Equipment and Comprehensive Service Programs that maintain the equipment in top operating condition at all times.


The AIR For Charity Program is a service which provides Canadian Motorists with a reliable source of compressed air for inflating tires.  All AIR For Charity air pumps are clearly marked with the "AIR For Charity" logo which is a Registered Trademark of AIR-serv Canada Inc. 

The recipient Charity (Registered Canadian Charity or Hospital Foundation which actually receives the AIR For Charity payment) is also identified on the air pump. 

The AIR For Charity payment is a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 20% of all revenues generated by each air pump.  It is important to note that the Service Station Operator or Oil Company Location which is participating in the program does not receive any revenue generated by the air pump.  All location portion of revenues go directly to the recipient charity.

This program enables 24 hour reliable air service to be provided (as it is now a separate stand alone service) for anyone who wishes to use it.  The remaining revenue is used to pay for the cost of the equipment and the ongoing day to day maintenance.  All donation amounts are made on a regular basis and verified by the Recipient Charity, the Petroleum Retailer and AIR-serv Canada.

  • No purchasing. 
  • No installation costs. 
  • No service costs. 
  • No compressor replacement costs. 
  • Regular routine maintenance. 
  • No limits to service. 
  • Maximum equipment operating capacity guaranteed. 
  • Over $2,000,000 donated to Canadian Charities and Hospital Foundations.

  • Air pump usage levels. 
  • All scheduled and on-demand service reports. 
  • Air pump appearance verification. 
  • All equipment performance data (Compressor volume and pressure). 
  • All revenue data. 
  • Charity Statement for Recipient Charity (Foundation). 
  • Comprehensive statement listing all sites on the program and all account activity. 

  • Generates goodwill through ongoing donations to recognized charities. 
  • Programs in place with most major charities. 
  • Utilizes "State of the Art" coin-operated equipment. 
  • No purchasing costs, no installation costs, no service costs, no management fee, no monthly fee.


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Air for Charity


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